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    About Us







    Beijing Tiantiantong Food Co., Ltd was established in 2001. Its predecessor is Beijing Tiantiantong Technology Development Co., Ltd. Tiantiantong company is professional condiment processing enterprise integrating Research &Development, production and sales. The company produces "Tiantiantong" brand of fried chicken wrap powder, various meat marinade, external dusting powder, Chinese and Western sauces, hot pot ingredients and other products.

    Tiantiantong adheres to the service concept of “Being the beginning and ending”, with the core values of self-respecting, harmony and inclusive, and the team spirit of professional business, monitoring the product quality throughout the whole process, sincerely serving customer needs and paying close attention to user satisfaction.

    After many years of unremitting efforts, Tiantiantong Company has won the recognition of the market with high-quality products and good reputation. With the establishment and commissioning of Heilongjiang Tiantiantong Food Co., Ltd., Tiantiantong (Yutian) Food Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tiantiantong Food Yutian Branch, Tiantiantong has begun to take on a group scale, and its brand has “Tiantiantong Food”, "Jiushan", "Gengesi" and so on.

    At present, the company has passed ISO22000 and HACCP (food quality and safety management system certification), and the national 3A integrity enterprise level certification. Tiantiantong Company has a number of software copyrights, utility model patent technology and trademark registration certificates, and has obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate as well as import and export qualifications.

    Tiantiantong adheres to the business objectives of first-class management, first-class quality, first-class service. The company adheres to pioneering and enterprising, quality-oriented, market-oriented services and dedication to provide customers with quality products as an integrated solution. We welcome new and old customers to visit.

    備案號:京ICP備14026345號-1  版權所有(C)北京天天通食品有限公司    
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